OmniShade PBR

Physically Based Uber Shader for Unity

Uber PBR shader, with everything the Standard Lit shader has and more with stylized lighting, blended layers, texture painting support, and blazing performance.

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One shader to rule them all

OmniShade PBR is a physically-based uber shader, able to achieve realistic lighting in a way that non-PBR shaders cannot. It is a highly extended version of the Unity Standard Lit shader, carrying over many of the great features from OmniShade, including rim light, reflections, blended layers, texture painting support, and more. It also offers blazing performance due to an automatic system of detecting the minimum calculations needed for any given feature set. And best of all, it was built with Unity Shader Graph -- so you can rest assured that it will always be supported with the widest compatibility on any pipeline going forward including URP, HDRP, and Built-In from Unity 2021.

If you've been using Standard Lit shader, then this will be a straight-forward upgrade, allowing you to fully integrate vertex color and texture painting with fantastic free tools like Polybrush, add additional rim lighting and reflections for special effects, use secondary detail maps, apply layered decals, add additional colors based on object heights, or simply fine tune colors and texture tiling parameters.


All of the below can be used in any combination, with optimal performance.

  • PBR lighting

  • Metallic map, Normal map, Occlusion map, and Emission map

  • Secondary Normal map

  • Color adjustments + saturation

  • Rim light

  • Reflection map

  • Vertex colors with Polybrush support

  • Detail map

  • 3 blended layers with texture painting support

  • Height-based coloring

  • Shadow overlay

  • Vertex-sway for vegetation

  • Fade with camera distance

  • Independent UV tiling & offsets for each texture

  • Opaque and transparent versions

...see Features for in-depth specs of each feature.

On top of this, we also include:

  • URP and HDRP pipeline support, and Built-In from Unity 2021

  • Progressively adaptive performance which automatically detects and generates the minimal shader variant for any given set of enabled features

  • Built with Shader Graph for maximum compatibility

  • Script for animating textures in the shader

  • Slick collapsable shader UI, easily extendable

  • Modular design with 20 subgraphs, for reusability with other shader graphs

  • Tutorial demo scene

With OmniShade PBR, we bring the features that mobile developers have come to love in OmniShade to high-def PBR games as well. We hope you love it!

On performance, this shader offers similar performance to Standard Lit shader, and has a feature set designed to be fast enough for newer mobile devices. However, if you are targeting broadly mobile or doing a non-PBR game, we recommend the non-PBR version of OmniShade.

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